Throughout the years, I have always been pushing myself to limits. At times, I push myself too hard that I get worn out and I have to distance myself away from daily routine and people especially to get a hold of me.

I may allow my energy to be completely drained but that is how I learn to live life. Going through a challenging path might be what many of us go through. Creating and adding obstacles to that path as you are aware of it, you know that you are being the leader of your path.

Since my primary education and till now as a postgraduate student, I am grateful to all of my teachers and lecturers for bringing the best out of me. They discovered me and that led me to uncover my talent and ability to do great things.

Without their guidance and constant motivation; I might have been the introverted-alienated kid. Many years have passed yet I still take time to replay the memories and moments I’ve had with them. They are the ones who have moulded me the most other than my mother and friends.

It is not that I’m unable to move on from the past, it is my way of reminding myself from where I was to how far I’ve come, certainly was a roller-coaster journey. I regret some but I cherish many of the moments I have experienced.

Meeting wrong people and going through hell for making bad decisions, made me to realise how important choosing the right friend is. By having the right people around, you would make the right decisions then. Personally, I have witnessed it.

Right now, at this second; I am happy with what I am and the path that I have chosen leaving burdens behind. Looking forward to more exciting drama, friends, events, collaborations, ideas, projects, road trips, places, gastronomy, celebrations and

“ultimately tasting life like popping a bottle of champagne and savouring every tiny bit sparkles of it”.