When you’re out there on your own, you will act according to your instinct or on your willingness of performing an act, well in this case your kind side. Unfortunately, when you’re surrounded with the ones that you know well; you have to consider whether to act according to your will or not.


Photo: kyliehunt.com

This in a way limits you from doing what you want to do genuinely. You know when all the wise-philosophical legendaries strongly advocates that “you should go ahead with what you want to do and whenever you feel it is right then you should do it”. It is always easy to say that to anyone to lift their ‘bright side’ spirit and increase possibilities of spreading kindness around the world but that is not always happening.

So, let me give you a situation – you drive to work or school or somewhere at a particular time and you always see an elderly woman or man walking to a bus stop nearby. Since the bus stop is on your way, and you’re driving; so why not give that person a lift right? Heck yeah, why not? You should because you want act on your bright side after all. If you’re driving your car or you’re driving alone, that would not be a problem because it is completely up to you and your decision at that moment will not affect anyone but for the person you’re giving lift to, they would be grateful for your deed.

What if you are driving another person’s car or you’re driving with someone on the passenger seat. Now, this is where you will have to think on the person’s behalf. Will he or she would like the idea of giving a lift to a stranger? But to you, the person is no longer a stranger as you know a little part of their routine, besides there’s no need to fuss over a simple kind gesture. Guess what? Whether you like or not, you will have to ask for permission from the person you’re driving with whether it is alright if you help the stranger to drop off them at the bus stop.


Photo: leonlogothetis

If they’re alright with it, yeah, good for you but if the answer is NO; too bad you will have to live through the day feeling bad not being able to act on your bright side.

You see it is not always where you can do whatever you feel like doing, or if you know positively that it is the right thing to do or it is just your nature where you feel comfortable helping people regardless of differences – because it makes you happy and when you’re down at some point; these little deeds of yours will put a smile. It is alright if you can’t be yourself, you are also doing a favour of not making the person on the passenger seat to feel uncomfortable throughout the day. Well, it’s the thought that counts and that is what exactly has made you, you.

Don’t stop now, go on, act on your bright side.