Here is my first ever Top 10 list. This time I’ll be listing tamil songs that has the best visualisation. Each series I may include a one-liner on why I chose the songs. Hope you’ll enjoy my personal best list. Do give your comments below if you have any other personal favourite or you think it deserves to be listed.

10. Aambala – Pazhagikkalam

I loved how this was shot like a music video. The colours, the upbeat, every people and the set design made it memorable.

9. Jeans – Poovukkul Olinthirukkum

The depiction of Aishwarya Rai’s beauty became the eight wonder of this song. Definitely on list!

8. Sarvam – Kaatrukulle

Glass room+slo-mo+colours+location; just what is needed for this song.

7. Thani Oruvan – Kannala Kannala

This song used vignette and hue-ing technique and the intense in Jayam Ravi’s eyes deserves a place on my list. 😀

6. 24 – Kaalam Yen Kadhali

The smart usage of time freeze and futuristic choreography and editing earned double thumbs up from me!

5. OK Kanmani – Aye Sinamika

The portrayal of Adhi and Taara in this song, makes you want to fall in love again. ❤

4. Enthiran – Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam

This song fed my imagination so well and I never could have imagine it any better.

3. Raavanan – Usure Poguthey

The forbidden connection of the souls, the waterfall, the dramatic fall, the pain and struggle, the stubbornness, the lyrics and emotion flashes in the song and most of all the backlight as Aish walks looking at the camera; amazing depiction of forbidden love. 😉

2. Deiva Thirumagal – Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil

The slow motion, modest Anushka, the soft side when one falls in love, the rain and simplicity yet grandeur kind of visualisation, love it!

1. Alaipayuthey – Pachai Nirame

This got to be the best visualisation of all time! From green to white, Shalini was absolutely stunning and Madhavan’s lip sync was spot on. The setting, hues, costumes, usage of every day things in the video just too good! My number one forever! 🙂