Holi is my most favourite festival to celebrate, ever! I love how people come together regardless differences and we can just smear colours onto everyone without harming yourself; it’s pure fun. Not forgetting we all look like idiots with all sorts of colours thrown on you, no one could recognise you – not even your parents or your best friend.

If you’ve never attended any public Holi event, well, I think it’s about time. Search for an event near you and join the fun; you wouldn’t regret it. Though the aftermath isn’t the best part of this colour smudging event but take it as one of the things you should definitely try at least once in your life. You would most probably go back again and again.

In conjunction with Holi, I’d love to share with you my favourite songs for Holi Festival. Though some songs don’t depict the festival in proper way but I still chose it because by just watching it makes me want to celebrate Holi every single day!

Celebration among family members is definitely fun!

Yeah! And celebrate it with the entire village! :*

Yes to Miss World! 😀

And have some cool moves with your girlfriends and boyfriends while you’re throwing those colours.

Oh, this classic one and Shahrukh! ❤
My most favourite line of this song is, “Yeh duniya saari badi hai pyari, Yahi ek sach hai, Yeh sab rang bade suhaane hain” – beautiful!

This song is the true depiction of how you’d look like for real, loved how everyone never bothered to look glamorous. 😛

Hands down! By watching this, you’d wanna get all those colours smeared on you! Best Holi song ever made! I watch this song too many times and never got bored of it.