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by Kavita Maheendran

Holi Hai!

Holi is my most favourite festival to celebrate, ever! I love how people come together regardless differences and we can just smear colours onto everyone without harming yourself; it’s pure fun. Not forgetting we all look like idiots with all sorts of colours thrown on you, no one could recognise you – not even your parents or your best friend.

If you’ve never attended any public Holi event, well, I think it’s about time. Search for an event near you and join the fun; you wouldn’t regret it. Though the aftermath isn’t the best part of this colour smudging event but take it as one of the things you should definitely try at least once in your life. You would most probably go back again and again.

In conjunction with Holi, I’d love to share with you my favourite songs for Holi Festival. Though some songs don’t depict the festival in proper way but I still chose it because by just watching it makes me want to celebrate Holi every single day!

Celebration among family members is definitely fun!

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Best Visualisation of Tamil-film Songs: My Top 10

Here is my first ever Top 10 list. This time I’ll be listing tamil songs that has the best visualisation. Each series I may include a one-liner on why I chose the songs. Hope you’ll enjoy my personal best list. Do give your comments below if you have any other personal favourite or you think it deserves to be listed.

10. Aambala – Pazhagikkalam

I loved how this was shot like a music video. The colours, the upbeat, every people and the set design made it memorable.

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Kabali Da: A Little Too Late Review

It has been a while since wrote something here, then I promised myself that I will write on Kabali during my semester break. So here it goes…

What I thought about Kabali in three words?

Rajini, Rajini and Rajini!

I won’t lie, but as most of Rajini fans, I did have an expectation but as an amateur film analyst; I left my expectations out of the theatre hall. Honestly, I thought that Pa.Ranjith did a tremendous job in filming Kabali in this era. This movie may have more significance to Malaysian-Indians compared to Indians around the world. The bravery of the director to put forth a sensitive plot that has high possibility of being banned definitely deserves applause.

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The Final Year

Wrote this fiction in 6 hours quite some time back for Fixi’s Sci-Fi Novel. Thought of publishing it anyway although it is not good enough. The resemblance of the characters or plot are not intentionally done. Do criticise on this story, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Nadia has always been the girl that loves dreaming big, having high hopes, realising the big dreams and most of all her perfectionism at times make me want to blow her head off; with a bazooka. She is some kind of queen-control freak overwhelming with so many ideas and what annoys me is that, most of them would agree with her ideas and listen to what she has to say. You know what they say; you’re either a leader or a follower. When you can’t stand up there to lead the rest then it’s better if you just keep your mouth shut and let her do her thing right? Yeah, I that’s what I tell to myself.

No matter how much I hate this girl, at the end of the day she will have that soft spot in my heart. Nadia and I have been really good friends since we met at an event as crews to fill our pocket money. She is the reason why I am here. Now she is working her buttocks off to execute this show that she has been singing to me from the first day I continued my studies here. It’s been three years and seven months now but her enthusiasm did not disappear.

We are just here doing all we can to get that piece of paper with stamped certification as degree holders. This is why we are keeping our nerves calm to get through the course which is nearing to an end. Our college days are pure fun. We have no commitments to worry about, we only look forward to each day meeting each other and always brew something up, about anything. We’ll plan and plan and plan but we can never seem to get that plan going. Like this once, were too excited to go on this road trip and it just vanished nowhere but that doesn’t give us a reason to give up on each other.

There are few of us in ‘group’; so there’s Nadia and me and Deanna – the girl from a well-to-do-family with a photographic memory and she believes supernatural forces all her life; Jason – the rebellious with a simple mind that doesn’t like complications; Harris is the one that constantly sweeps lecturers of their feet with his opinions and charms, practicality is his belief and he is the perfect best friend that any girl can have and there are few more but some left while the rest did not see us as friends as we did. Well, it wasn’t something to grief but I feel that the number of friends we have somehow reduces as we grow older and we will only appreciate true friends who will stick around for a very long time.

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Acting on Your Bright Side

When you’re out there on your own, you will act according to your instinct or on your willingness of performing an act, well in this case your kind side. Unfortunately, when you’re surrounded with the ones that you know well; you have to consider whether to act according to your will or not.



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Looking at How Far I’ve Come

Throughout the years, I have always been pushing myself to limits. At times, I push myself too hard that I get worn out and I have to distance myself away from daily routine and people especially to get a hold of me.

I may allow my energy to be completely drained but that is how I learn to live life. Going through a challenging path might be what many of us go through. Creating and adding obstacles to that path as you are aware of it, you know that you are being the leader of your path.

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